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The Mojave Road in 1863:
The Pioneering Photographs of Rudolph d’Heureuse

Splendid book, full of remarkable photographs. The photographs and accompanying text represent moments frozen in time, and it is very easy to get lost in them. This is a book that should be on every Westerner’s shelf, and in every western library. Highly recommended.

      Brian Dervin Dillon, Ph.D.
      Buckskin Bulletin, December 2019
      Westerners International
When we think of the first Southern California photographers we think of Carleton Watkins, who photographed Los Angeles in the 1880s, and Timothy O’Sullivan, who photographed the Colorado River in 1871. But they were latecomers compared to d’Heureuse. His work challenges us to squint our eyes and unshackle our minds as we look farther back in desert time than we ever have before. The late California photography historian Peter Palmquist called this work the oldest body of survey photographs of the desert Southwest. Thanks to Jeff Lapides … d’Heureuse is now found. [I] was not prepared for the beauty of the book.
      Ann Japenga
      California Desert Art, December 10, 2018

San Marino: A Centennial History


Stands out as one of the very best. This history … unlike many city histories, exhibits a brilliant integration of text and imagery that adds significantly to understanding both the place and the people. The final feature of this publication that must be applauded is the layout and printing that brought together superb typographic and graphic design into a beautifully printed book that is easy to hold and read and enjoy. 

      Alan Jutzi, Avery Chief Curator, Rare Books Dept., Huntington Library

Beautiful book, very well done, great variety of illustration and design elements…. Your front cover really pops! Gorgeous font choices, use of color, and placement of text…. Lovely choice of image invites the viewer into the house as well as to open the book. Color contrast between the title and the sky is beautiful. Also, I love the French flaps!

     PubWest Book Design Awards

     2013, Judges' comments


Gorgeous.... The many historical photographs are beautifully done.

     Larry Wilson

     Pasadena Star-News

Southern California Story: Seeking the Better Life in Sierra Madre


Magnificently illustrated with photographs, maps, and works of art, this book will please all who love Southern California and its environment.

     Daniel Walker Howe

     2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning author of

     What Hath God Wrought:

     The Transformation of America, 1815-1848.


Most coffee-table books are chock-full of colorful pictures, so it is a credit to [the book] that Southern California Story's illustrations actively reinforce the book's narration.

     Paul Kahan, PhD

     California History, July, 2013


The illustrations follow the text and are on virtually every page of the book. Such a format brings history alive. Besides many black and white photographs, the illustrations throughout are in color or tinted in the original hue, putting the reader vicariously in touch with the original photograph, map or document.

     Joseph Cavallo

     The Branding Iron, Winter 2011

     L. A. Westerners Corral Quarterly

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